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STRAYA CONNECT EDU was founded by two directors who have been trainers and assessors within the vocational education sector for more than 20 years combined.

That extensive exposure to the varying needs of the diverse clientele gave birth to the idea of a unique referral based agency.

One of the directors is a Registered Migration Agent in Australia, has managed colleges, owned his own college hence has a greater insight on international student needs.

It made sense to name the agency ‘STRAYA’ to symbolise an understanding and uniqueness of Australia by those intending to study or migrate permanently to Australia.

‘STRAYA’ is an abbreviation of Australia pronounced as one syllable.

With this in mind, as an agency, we will thrive to provide some basic orientation about Australia to majority of our clients.


Our mission is to provide a seamless avenue for international students in accessing the best suited educational providers in Australia to enhance their skill set and set up a clear career pathway. STRAYA CONNECT EDU aims to foster the education and development of international students to enable them to achieve their academic and professional goals and objectives.


Our vision is to become one of the leading student and migration agencies in Australia, with enshrined values based on honest and ‘STRAYA like’ easy going approach.


We aim to provide detailed independent advice to prospective and current students in making the best possible educational provider choice. Our migration services are embedded in professionalism and strict adherence to the MARA Code of Conduct


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